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I’m Janne, welcome to my website. If you’ve hopped over from Instagram then you’ll know a little about me already.

I live in South West London with my husband, daughter Eloise and our black lab Brigg. We have two older boys who have left home.

Our busy family household of five took some adjusting to becoming a quieter and calmer space for three. We are originally from North Yorkshire and still have a home there, an old farmhouse that we are renovating slowly and surely for the big move back some day. It really is an escape to the country and I hope to share more of our Yorkshire life here.

My passion for blooms

I studied textile and design at university followed by 10 years in the fashion industry before having my three children. My love of photography led me to Instagram, which reignited my creative spark. As my account has grown I really wanted to share more about what I do, how I photograph and what inspires me to create my imagery.

I consider myself more of an image maker than a writer, but on the blog I want to share some of the collaborations I’m working on and a few of the lovely connections I’ve made on Instagram over the past few years.

In our family, I am always the designated photographer, rarely going anywhere without my camera. I loved taking images of my children, but as they grew up and less inclined to be photographed my attentions turned to nature. Walking the dog each day in the woods and on our local common really keeps me in tune with the day-to-day changes in nature and light as the seasons evolve. Creating and photographing a still life, using what is available naturally or foraged locally just for the sheer joy of creating is one of my favourite things to do. (Images of me by Our Beautiful Adventure photography)

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